About our fragrances

First of all, I don’t think aromatherapy needs much explanation because many of you have a good idea of the scope of expertise of an aromatherapist. It is about treating the body with essential oils. So, for all practical purposes, it focuses on the physical.

Aromachology, on the other hand, is a fairly recent approach that is little known. It also uses essential oils but its angle is completely different. Here we focus on the benefits of the smell of the essence on our emotional states.

This approach has been explored and popularized by a few aromatherapists since the 1960s in both Europe and the United States. Since the 80’s, a few schools of aromatherapy were created, mainly in Europe, to help people with emotional blockages to unblock them through the olfaction of essential oils. This approach remains marginal and little or not practiced in North America.

But the tide is turning in favor of aromachology because recently, one of the big players in the production of synthetic scents, the firm Firmenich, admitted that it had been studying the power of scents on our moods for more than 40 years and that it had scientific proof to that effect. Furthermore, they predict that this approach will revolutionize and reinvigorate the traditional fragrance industry in the years to come. Then ends the approach of the clothing perfumery which completes our style, the interminable advertisements which invite you to copy a state of being… Welcome, authenticity of the being by its olfactory feeling.

For my part, I have recognized the power of scents for as long as I have been interested, i.e. for over 50 years. Smelling for feeling is a way of life for me. I like to be overwhelmed by a smell and let it lead me by the nose. I enjoy smelling my food, the smell of a newborn’s skin or the smell of the rain. I love that my sense of smell can make me vibrate long before my mind can become aware of anything. It’s my little “highway to Heaven”. So, I don’t need to tell you that the aromachology approach applied to perfumery, which defines T’odoré, is obvious to me.

In fact, this is where the T’odoré offer stands out, because we don’t just recognize the power of scents on our emotional states, as aromatherapists do. We recognize a language specific to odors that we call function. And according to the specific functions of each of them, we create perfumes whose mission is to bring you support to better live the different moods that make up your day.

First of all, I would like to set the record straight on the principles of natural versus synthetic when talking about raw materials used in perfumery. There are no good and bad but there is certainly a world of difference in the final product. The biggest myth opposing these two realities is allergies. However, it is important to understand that whether it is natural or synthetic molecules, both carry their share of allergic potential. So if you have an allergy, there is no right or wrong molecule, just a respect for your odor limits.

Among perfume designers, there are really two schools of thought. The followers of the synthetic molecules, are it largely for two very precise factors. First, they claim the widest spectrum of the olfactory palette. It is quite true, the limits on the creation of odors from synthetic molecules are for all practical purposes infinite. And when one is not on a pure creation approach, I understand completely the exaltation of the followers. The other point often brought is the stability of the molecule. Indeed, a synthetic molecule is designed to be stable. This means that during the creation process we know exactly how the molecule will react over time. This is still true, but not very interesting in my humble opinion

I often compare the synthetic molecule to a photograph. When you look at the photo of a friend and you miss them… The mere sight of his image will make you experience a multitude of emotions but never like meeting this friend in person. There your emotional and physical experience will be complete because not only will you be able to see them, but you will also be able to hug them, smell them, talk to them, and create a new memory. This complete experience, only living plant matter can offer it to you, hence the interest of natural perfumery based on pure and living essential oils.

In fact, when you have the pleasure of smelling a perfume composed only of noble raw materials that are essential oils, you will feel the difference and this without pun intended. The reasons are very simple, firstly an essential oil is the very soul of the plant, the flower or the wood and its smell is its language. Secondly, since your sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, home of your emotional memories, only a pure essential oil can make you vibrate and go to the meeting of your own memories which are often buried and made silent in the hyper activity of your daily life.

In summary, from a perfumer’s point of view, working with synthetics is a science and working with natural is an art. The art of creating plant, natural, botanical perfumes, whatever the name of your choice requires both a feeling and a sensation. For my part, I would say that it is an act of grace, which I often compare to the creation of a symphony. At the base, there are the notes but then come the harmonies that she creates between them and finally their complicity in time. This is why I chose to work exclusively in natural. Each T’odoré fragrance is designed to give you the authentic experience of smelling to feel.

The act of consciously smelling is a pure act. In fact, from a physical point of view, your sense of smell is your own, just like your fingerprints. No two noses smell the same, there is no right or wrong way to smell. The essences are also pure in their chemical composition, but above all they do not carry any duality of the human being. Never has a daisy dreamed of being a rose. This creates absolutely unique and magical encounters.

The next step is the feeling, which is both a gesture of listening and openness to the plant world but also listening to oneself in order to understand the benefits of this smell on us. My greatest wish is that you take pleasure in meeting the perfumes we offer and that you make them your life allies. Because perfuming your moods is above all a gesture of love towards yourself.

It will be a pleasure to perfume your daily life…

Smells surround us every day, whether we pay attention to them or not. They all carry within them a life mission or function that has the power to act and influence our daily moods. It is simply their way of communicating with us and supporting us throughout our lives.

We all know the sensory awakening power of lemon and the soothing power of lavender, but what about hyacinth or yuzu? In fact, the functions are mainly categorized into two specific times, day and night. As a result, scents gracefully embrace our states of wakefulness and rest. This is why all T’odoré well-being fragrances are available in Eau de jour & Eau de nuit.

See the table below to learn about the functions.


CA = Calming
CL = Clarifying
CM = Communication
CN = Confidence
CO = Concentration
CR = Creativity
CU = Courage
EN = Energizing
EQ = Balance
ES = Self-esteem
FO = Faith
FR = Strength
GR = Gratitude
HA = Harmony
IN = Inspiration
IT = Intuition
JO = Joy
ME = Memory
MO = Motivation
NO = Nurturing
PA = Peace
PE = Perseverance
PO = Positive
PT = Patience
RE = Comforting
SD = Seduction
SE = Sensuality
SR = Serenity
VI = Invigorating


AH = Aphrodisiac
AP = Soothing
EN = Sleep-inducing
IN = Insomnia
MN = Nocturnal Memory
RC = Recovery
RV = Dreams
SO = Sleep
SP = Deep sleep

At T’odoré, we are the interpreters of the language of scents and the message of well-being that it wishes to bring you. This simple yet singular approach is reflected in each of my creations, as each T’odoré fragrance has a precise mission during the creation process: to ensure your well-being.