About the T'Odoré wellness perfumery house!

First of all, let me introduce myself: Sylvie-Anne Breton, or the perfume lady for those who know me well. I am the one who has always carried this crazy dream. This dream is driven by a visceral belief in the power of scents to magnify our lives and accompany us to a state of well-being in our daily lives. I’m putting it out there now because I think we need it more than ever.

Although I have been carrying this project within me for many years, the path to get there has not been linear. Self-taught and as a hands-on person, I have followed many training courses over the past 15 years, in naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, to finish at the perfumery school in Grasse in the summer of 2019. All this beautiful background has nourished my reflection and has slowly led me to the path of aromachology, which explores the influence of fragrances and their odors on our psyche and their ability to improve our well-being.

This simple yet singular approach is reflected in each of my creations, as each T’Odoré fragrance is conceived and designed with one mission in mind: your well-being. Each essence is carefully selected to honor this mission. Because at T’odoré, we use perfume to feel good.

Now that the T’odoré approach has been explained to you, my greatest wish is that you experience it.



The name T'Odoré

The name T’odoré is not insignificant either, since it comes from the French verb ‘odorer’ which means both to feel and to smell. In other words, T’Odoré is the short version to say: smell to feel. This is the very foundation of my perfumery, which is meant to be an opening to the wonderful worlds of scents, in order to smell them consciously and thus be open to their language of well-being.


T’Odoré’s mission is to open you up to the pleasure of smelling to help you feel and understand the power of scents in order to let them magnify your daily life and make them your lifelong allies in well-being.


Simplicity is for its part the accomplice of pleasure. Everything at T’Odoré must be simple: simple to understand, simple to read, simple to observe. The reason is also simple: we do not want to steal the spotlight from scents and their wonderful messages, because each olfactory creation signed “T’odoré” is a message from the plant world that is delivered to you.


Pleasure is certainly the cornerstone of our approach, because only
pleasure can bring us to this state of openness in order to feel the benefits of scents. Although the approach is part of all our actions, we apply it particularly in the scents that we
create. So say goodbye to heavy smells and welcome the scents
that lift us, transport us and transform us.


Respect is the cement of our entity. We have the utmost respect for
each of the essences we use, as they represent for us the soul of the flower, the tree or the herb. This is why we produce in small batches to ensure that we do not overproduce and overuse this noble material. We also show this respect to each of our clients who are, for us, message carriers
in their turn.