About T’odoré

Welcome to the emotional perfumery house T’odoré!

My name is Sylvie-Anne Breton, a suburban living on the south shore of Montreal; I am the one who started this crazy project over the past year and had to redefine its approach and product line twice rather than once during the course of this pandemic period. What is my motivation behind my approach? It’s rather simple, first I caress the dream of creating a perfumery house since I am 15 years old and second I believe above all i the power of smells in order to magnify and accompany us in a state of well-being every day.

My journey is far from linear, although I have been dreaming the same dream for more than 40 years, I have taken multiple training whether it is herboristerie, naturopathy, aromatherapy and to finish at the school of perfumery in Grasse in the summer of 2019. All this beautiful baggage nourished my reflection and brought me on the path of aromachology that explores the influence of perfumes and odours on our psyche and their faculties to improve our daily well-being.

Moreover, the name T’odoré is not trivial since it comes from the verb Odorer which means both to wear perfume and to smell… Isn’t that perfect! In other words, T’odoré is the short version of saying Smell to Feel. That’s how your home of emotional perfumery was born.

This approach, both simple and singular, is reflected in each of my creations since each of the T’odoré fragrances has a precise mission in relation to your daily well-being and during the creation process, each essence is selected to honour this mission. At T’odoré, we perfume ourselves to feel good and not just to smell good…

Now that the thought behind the T’odoré approach has been explained to you, my greatest wish is for you to experience it…