Gentle Orange

MY NAME: I’m sure many of you already know me, but let me introduce myself: my name is Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis). I am called this to differentiate me from my cousin Bitter Orange. I am blessed by life, as very few essences can boast of being appreciated by all like me.

MY PERSONALITY: I am cheerful, bubbly and sweet by nature. I am said to be a ray of sunshine, which I am very proud of. Being very sociable, I am often asked to participate in the creation of great fragrances. I am a small, sparkling, sweet citrus that arrives in the top note. This is my role, as my scent is very volatile and therefore very short-lived.

THE BENEFITS of including me in your life, whether with the Summer Nights Trio or with Bergamot-Jacinthe: OPTIMISM is undoubtedly the primary effect I have in people’s lives, but I am also a catalyst for your bursts of CREATIVITY and OPENNESS to life. I am the multi-faceted scent, hence my nickname of “chameleon woman”, because during the day, I can lighten the energies of your daily life by infusing it with joy and vitality. And in the evening, I can bring you calm, comfort and sleep. I really deserve to be known!

THINK OF ME: When your step gets heavy, when you feel like you have a little grey cloud over your head and you lack momentum. Don’t forget me either on those nights when your worries overwhelm you and you can’t sleep. I will always be there for you… With all my love! Gentle Orange


Acidulous: Acid or sour. Term often used to describe citrus scents.

Hesperidea: In the world of perfumery, this is the category that includes all citrus fruits from yellow lemon to yuzu.

Hypnotic: A lingering scent that doesn’t just go to your head, but waltzes through it.

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