Neroli is the scent that perfumes this post. Each week, I will introduce you to a new scent and its personality. T’odoré’s main goal is to provide you with a sense of well-being through scent, so I am focusing on the benefits of including it in your life.

In order to emphasize the intimate relationship you have with each of them in your life, all the texts have been written in the “I” tense. Indeed, each encounter is meant to be an open hearted communication of the scent.

I will first take a few lines to tell you about my encounter with the fabulous essential oil of Neroli.

Moment of a meeting all in effluvium

Let me tell you about my encounter with this great lady of the sun, the Neroli. It’s as if it was yesterday. I am on rue Jean Ossala, in the old town of Grasse, and I enter the Fragonard boutique. Two steps, it did not take more to this smell both fresh, sparkling and a little green to conquer my sense of smell and marked forever my olfactory memory of this blessed moment. It is important to know that since the dawn of time the smell of Neroli is the scent that embalms the entire French Riviera.

It symbolizes both the hot summer days and the crazy nights filled with idleness and joy. Since that day, I close my eyes and I smell Neroli and it’s instantaneous, I find myself at this small moment so harmless but so significant in my journey in the world of perfumery.

So without further ado, I invite you to meet the Neroli.

Description of the Neroli

MY NAME: At the end of the 17th century, the Princess of Bracciano and Duchess of Nerola made the essence of bigaradier flowers fashionable by using it to perfume her bath and her gloves. It is thus in her honor that I was named Neroli (Citrus aurantium var amara). My essence is produced from the flower of bigaradier. Classified in perfumery in the family of hesperides my smell is characteristic and comparable to that of my friend the flower of the bergamot.

MY ORIGINS: They are the same as that of the orange, that is to say the south of the Himalayas, since I come from the flower of the sour orange tree. I am personally native of Morocco, although I have family in Egypt, Tunisia, France, Italy and Paraguay.

MY FAMILY: I am a member of the wonderful Rutaceae family, which is so prolific in providing us with the essence of bitter orange, petitgrain de bigarade and neroli at the same time.

MY PERSONALITY: I am joyful, calm and composed by nature. For many, my scent brings them back to their summer memories. I am a citrusy, tangy and sweet scent. On my own I evoke a floral bouquet and perfumers love it. That’s why I’m in great demand for the creation of new scents, especially in the Colognes. Unlike my cousins sweet orange and bitter orange, I am more of a heart note in compositions. Most recently, I have been working under the magic touch of the perfumier at T’odoré:

LEMON – NEROLI / Eau de Jour / JULY / T’ODORÉ 2021

Head (Sweet orange, Lemon, Verbena, Bergamot)

Heart (Neroli, Petitgrain de bigarade, Rosemary)

THE BENEFITS of including me in your life: CREATIVITY is my area of expertise, as I calm, soothe and inspire you to think, reflect and act differently, with ease and pleasure. Furthermore, I am a master of awareness. I have the ability to promote OPENING up to yourself. I can help you listen to yourself in all simplicity…

THINK OF ME: When you feel like taking a break. You want to create breaks in your life. To say “yes” without thinking about it, or when you can’t fall asleep… I will always be there for you…

With all my love! Neroli


This Little T’ODORÉ glossary is intended to help popularize the language of smell. It is an unpretentious tool designed to assist you in putting into words your olfactory senses and feelings.

The sense of smell being a very participative sense, many terms that you will find in this glossary are terms belonging to other universes such as the culinary world, wine, literature, cinema or perfumery.

Enjoy discovering new ways to name and classify your olfactory sensations. This additional vocabulary will make it easier for you to describe the smells you encounter in your daily life. The more accurate you are in describing each of the smells, the more strongly your memories will be stored in your emotional memory and the more you will be enriched.

So here are the 3 new scent vocabulary words of the week:

  • Candy: It smells like sugar. These smells are mainly found in fruity smells as well as gourmet smells. They are incredible allies to neutralize the mind.
  • Fresh: Odor that refreshes, very volatile with a humid background. So, Neroli is part of it as well as all the hesperides (category of citrus fruits).
  • Youth: A simple, unpretentious scent that brings us back to the carefree days of our childhood.

This completes your scented post of the week. I hope to have given you the desire to continue the beautiful and great discovery of the power of scents.


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