Palmarosa is the scent that perfumes this entire post. Each week, I will introduce you to a new scent, as well as its personality. At T’Odoré, we’re all about making you feel good through scent, so I’m focusing on the benefits of including it in your life.

In order to emphasize the intimate relationship you have with each of them in your life, all the texts have been written in the “I” tense. Indeed, each encounter is meant to be an open hearted communication of the scent.

I will first take a few lines to tell you about my encounter with the fabulous essential oil of Palmarosa.

Moment of a meeting all in effluvium

At the time, I was in the second year of my training in aromatherapy where I was taught that Palmarosa has very broad spectrum antibacterial properties. It has antiseptic functions with a strong healing power.

You will understand that these benefits in an oil whose smell is very soft, which marries marvelously the freshness of the lemon and the heady of the rose, was enough for me to fall under the charm. Two days later, I used it to treat a wound that nothing seemed to want to heal and it accomplished its work in all simplicity and effectiveness. This was the beginning of a great relationship between Palmarosa and me.  

Then I experienced the power of the scent of Palmarosa to soothe and balance the moods of my household and it has been with me ever since… I’ll let you savor this intimate moment and encounter in this post.

Description of the Palmarosa

MY NAME: I am a small herb, a little crazy, unpretentious, very much used by aromatherapists, because my physical benefits are immense. My name is Palmarosa (Cymbopogan Martinii) or Indian geranium. My scent is very fresh and reminiscent of both rose and geranium. The benefits of my scent are equally admirable. This is really said in all modesty, but with the hope that you will experience it.

MY ORIGINS: They come from South Asia although we have expanded over the Centuries. We now strut our stuff in India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Comoros and Brazil. I am personally a native of India.

MY FAMILY: I belong to the very large botanical family of Poaceae (grasses). I am the cousin of lemongrass. Our essence has been distilled in India and Turkey since the 18th century.

MY PERSONALITY: I am dynamic and very positive. I work small miracles on the guilt that I put in my pocket in no time. I love my easy, idle life of swaying in the wind and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you get rid of the stress that undermines you, makes you irritable, hyperactive and overworks you mentally and physically.

This is certainly why perfumers love me and solicit my participation on a regular basis to my great delight. I invite you to smell three of my co-creations:


Head (Grapefruit, Lime, Cucumber)

Heart (Palmarosa, Lime, Honeysuckle),

Base (Rose Geranium, Carnation)

THE BENEFITS of including me in your life: I know how to bring OPTIMISM into people’s lives and give them the space to redefine and love themselves. So, indirectly, I help to use CREATIVITY without guilt.

THINK OF ME: When you feel like letting go of that false friend, guilt, that takes over your life. When the idea of a simple and sweet life smiles on you. And don’t forget me on those hot summer nights when peace and quiet are eluding you. I will always be there for you…

With all my love ! Palmarosa


This Little T’ODORÉ glossary is intended to help you popularize the language of smell. It is an unpretentious tool designed to assist you in putting into words your olfactory feelings and sensations.

The sense of smell being a very participative sense, many terms that you will find in this glossary are terms belonging to other universes such as the culinary world, wine, literature, cinema or perfumery.

Enjoy discovering new ways to name and classify your olfactory sensations. This additional vocabulary will make it easier for you to describe the smells you encounter in your daily life. The more accurate you are in describing each scent, the more strongly your memories will be stored in your emotional memory and the more you will be enriched.

So here are the 3 new olfactory vocabulary words of the week:

  • Captious: Which derives from the term capiton. Therefore, a smell that has relief, present and comforting at the same time.
  • Soothing: A scent that helps us to slow down both physically and mentally. Its sedative power differentiates it from a “calming” smell.
  • Balancing : A scent that knows how to meet your needs and adapt to them. A balancing scent will be able to bring you dynamism without overexciting you and/or soothe you without weighing you down and this always according to your needs of the moment. They are essential to life.

This completes your scented post of the week. I hope to have given you the desire to pursue the beautiful and great discovery of the power of scents..

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