Cypress – White Pine

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20 ml / 0.68 oz.



Cypress – White Pine is a gift for all those who resist sleep with all their soul. This fresh and camphorated night water will captivate and guide you with love and firmness. It is a complicit water that does not take no for an answer. It will do its work with or without your consent, for its mission is to pave the way to great rest for body and mind. Teaming up with Cypress – White Pine is a gesture of self-love and an opening towards your inner peace. Its support will transform your nights.

Cypress | Inner peace.

White Pine | Instills acceptance of what is and the wisdom to change it.


Cypress – White Pine is a beautiful long walk in the forest on a beautiful winter day. We find the green and camphorated scents of the fir trees but also the biting cold of winter. You just have to close your eyes and you will be there.


Green mandarin, Benzoin, Sacred incense, Thuja, Spinach, White pine, Juhi, Cypress.



All those nights when you dread the moment of going to bed because although you long for a good night’s sleep, you already know the outcome: a beautiful sleepless night. Do not sulk your pleasure and make use of this delicious perfume at the same time enveloping and intoxicating. Just as you are getting ready for bed. And during the night, if unfortunately your mind has momentarily had its way.


Neck, sheet, pillow. In wellness perfumery, the goal is to fill your nose with a perfume in order to feel its benefits.


Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have allergies and/or asthma. Keep out of reach of children. Flammable product, keep away from flames and all heat sources. Please note that the power of scents, although very powerful, cannot replace a medication or the good care of a therapist. The T’Odoré fragrances are supports, but are not intended to treat any condition whatsoever. The scents are not medicines and should not be used as such.


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