Simply Autumn Gift Set


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  • Simply – Angelica | EQ – Balancing | Day
  • Simply – Chamomile Cape | CA – Calming | Day
  • Simply – Atlas Cedar | CO – Concentrating | Day
  • Simply – Bergamot | AP – Soothing | Night
  • Simply – Benzoin | SP – Deep Sleep | Night



This box offers you to let yourself be led by the tip of the nose and this at any time of the day and night. You will discover intoxicating, present and captivating scents. Go on an adventure and let yourself be supported, transported and transformed by the presence of these fabulous accomplices of life…


Each scent has its basic function or life mission. With this little box, you will be able to have five beautiful and intimate encounters with scents that represent the olfactory palette of autumn. In fact, each season has its favorite scents, and for fall it is the spicy, gourmand and woody scents that will seduce your pretty nose. This box is your toolbox, allowing you to open yourself to the scent and its function in order to make them your allies throughout the challenges of your days.


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