Tiara is the scent that perfumes this post. Each week, I will introduce you to a new scent and its personality. T’odoré’s main goal is to provide you with a sense of well-being through scent, so I focus on the benefits of including it in your life.

As usual, I will first tell you about my intimate encounter with the fabulous tiare, because I am sure that many of you will recognize themselves in it.

Tiara the charming one

My encounter with the Tiara was somehow done without my consent. Strange, you may say, but it is true. The Tiara belongs to the great family of gardenias. Although I’ve always been in love with scents, I have my reservations about some of them, so the Gardenia. In all honesty, I have two specific reasons for putting it in this category. The first is that I’m basically not a big fan of heavy, heady scents. I have a definite penchant for scents that induce freshness and lightness.

The second one comes directly from my olfactory emotional memory. The smell of gardenia is a memory of incessant sneezing and migraines following the visit of Aunt Alexandrine who loved its smell and used to spray herself with it excessively.

So what a pleasant discovery it was, I tell you, it was love at first sight. And thirty years later, I am still under the spell of Tahiti’s Tiara. The subtlety and delicacy of the Tiara has enchanted and charmed me forever and ever.

So without further ado, I invite you to meet the Tiara.

Tiara’s description

MY NAME: My flower is the national emblem of French Polynesia and is used to make Monoï oil. Many people will have guessed me: I am the Tahitian Tiara (Gardenia taitensis). I have a very active life. Among other things, I serve as an offering to travelers as soon as they arrive. I am placed in full bloom in the ears of women and in bud in the ears of men. The choice of the ear also carries a great message because the left one means my heart is taken and the right one, as you may have guessed, means that he or she is looking for company. Isn’t it romantic?

MY ORIGINS: I am a native and resident of French Polynesia.

MY FAMILY : I am a gardenia and I belong to the very large Rubiaceae family. This large family counts more than 200 different members spread in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and the Pacific Islands.

MY PERSONALITY : Very calm by nature. I have been known to have aphrodisiac properties since the dawn of time. I like to think that it is because I calm and balance both moods and thoughts that I allow the being to blossom and shine with all its charms. Master perfumers use my odoriferous power to induce exoticism in their perfume. With parsimony certainly because I can be rather heady. I invite you to smell this creation T’odoré, in which I had the great pleasure to participate:

PEAR – TIARÉ / Eau de nuit / JULY / T’ODORÉ 2021

Head (Pear, Apple)  

Heart (Tiara, Hyacinth, Narcissus)

Base (Benjoin)

THE BENEFITS of including me in your life: I am the fragrant version of BALANCE, it is my absolute nature. I must admit that I have a penchant for working to balance everything around me, even if I’m not really asked to. You have everything to gain by including me in your life, because this way you will be able to settle down and become aware of the exceptional person that you are…

THINK OF ME: When you need balance in your life but don’t know where to start. When a little dream and exoticism in your daily life would be welcome. Or, if you have a crazy desire to live this lightness of being that only balance will bring you. I will always be there for you…

With all my love ! Tiara from Tahiti


This T’ODORÉ glossary is designed to help you understand the language of smell. In fact, it is an unpretentious tool designed to assist you in putting into words your olfactory sensations and feelings.

The sense of smell being a very participative sense, many terms that you will find in this glossary are terms belonging to other universes such as the culinary world, wine, literature, cinema or perfumery.

Enjoy discovering new ways to name and classify your olfactory sensations and feelings. In addition, this additional vocabulary will make it easier for you to describe the smells you encounter in your daily life. A precise and faithful description will allow you to enrich your olfactory emotional memory.

So, here are the 3 new scent vocabulary words of the week:

  • Delicate: Some would say, blue flower. Widely used to describe the smell of white flowers.
  • Discreet: Often used to describe a smell that our nose can hardly smell. In fact, there are some smells that will not be perceptible to your pretty little nose
  • Strong: A headache-inducing scent that invades your nasal cavity for the day. The same principle as the song that stays in your head all day long!

Here is the last part of this week’s scenting post.  I hope to have given you the desire to continue the beautiful and great discovery of the power of smells.

See you next week


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