The mission of the T’Odoré house is to open you to the pleasure of feeling, to help you feel and understand the power of odors to let them magnify your daily life and make you allies of your well-being for life.


Pleasure is certainly the cornerstone of our approach because only pleasure can bring us to the state of openness to feel the benefits of functional odors. We apply this concept everywhere especially in the odors we create. So say goodbye to the heavy smells and welcome to the odors that raise, transport us and transform us. 

Simplicity is for its part the accomplice of pleasure. Everything at T’Odoré must be simple: simple to understand, simple to read, simple to look at. The reason is therefore also simple: we do not want to steal the spotlight from smells and their wonderful messages, because each olfactory creation signed “T’Odoré” is a message of the vegetable world that is yours. 

Respect is the cement of our entity. We have unlimited respect for each essence we use because it is to us the soul of the flower, or the tree, or the grass. That is why we produce in small batches to always make sure we do not overuse this noble material. We also dedicate this respect to each of our customers who is, for us, a message carrier in turn.

To the pleasure,