The functional perfumery explained

En parfumerie fonctionnelle, on se parfume pour se sentir bien !

Sylvie-Anne Breton

Functional perfumery is not a new approach, but rather a little-used approach. It is a matter of first recognizing that when we inhale an essential oil, we make the intimate encounter of the soul of a plant entity. Secondly, we must also recognize that these smells have power often unconsciously but oh so present in our moods and our emotional feelings in everyday life. 

  • It is a matter of selecting the function we want our olfactory composition to carry: calming, harmonizing, comforting. We all know the waking power of lemon and lavender, but what about hyacinth and yuzu. It is this language and this knowledge that functional perfumery shares with you. 
  • The next step is to collect the smells that have this mission in their DNA and create an olfactory harmony not only pleasant for your smell but powerful for your well-being. 


In the world of functional perfumery, we make a clear distinction between daytime and night smells. In fact, the smells gracefully embrace our states of awakening and rest. The functions are multiple and almost infinite. 


CA = CalmingCL = ClarifyingCM – Communication
CN = TrustCO = ConcentrationCR = Creativity
CU = CourageEN = EnergizingEQ = Equilibrating
ES = Self-esteemFO = Belief, faithFR = Force
GR = GratitudeHA = HarmonyIN = Inspiration
IT = IntuitionJO = JoyME = Memory
MO = MotivationNO = NourishingPA = Peace
PE = PerseverancePO = PositivePT = Patience
RE – ComfortSD = Seduction SE = Sensuality
SR = SerenityVI = Invigorating


AH = Aphrodisiac AP = AppeasementEN = Sleep Inducing
IN = InsomniaMN = Night MemoryRC = Recuperation
RV = DreamsSO = SleepSP = Deep Sleep

However, it is imperative to understand that although odors are allies of choice in supporting us towards a state of well-being, they are not drugs and do not replace at any time the use of medication or the benefits of therapy.