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“It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen. »

Victor Hugo

He takes the words out of my mouth.

I have to admit that I juggled with the title of this article for several days. I hesitated for a long time between “Inspire life” and “Inspire your life”. And it was only after a while that it dawned on me that “Inspire Life” encompassed all the meanings that I wanted to express to you in this text.



You will have understood that the verb “inspire” takes on more than one meaning here. The primary meaning being that of feeling. Because yes, let's not forget, you are currently in the T'odoré blog which is a well-being perfume house. So yes, my intention is to open you to the power of conscious smell, because unfortunately smell is still to this day, the great unloved of all our senses. I know for some people the term “consciously” may repel them, but bear with me. This is not an esoteric approach aimed only at the converted, far from it. It is rather a very simple approach but little practiced. To smell consciously is simply to make ourselves available to smell an odor, taking care to be silent within ourselves and to let it transport us so that we can feel it.

“Smelling for the sake of feeling” is a powerful approach that has multiple benefits. The first is to center yourself, to bring you back to the present moment instantly. I invite you to pay attention to the fact that when we allow ourselves to be intoxicated by an odor, our hearing becomes muted. For me, this mechanism alone demonstrates the immense power of smell and odors in our quest for well-being.

The other undeniable benefit of this approach is its ability to calm us down. I would say that almost universally, the essential oils that the plant world gives us have the power to help us relax and take a step back. For me, it is one of the benefits that I cherish the most because it simply enhances my daily life.

And if I continue in my litany of benefits, smelling consciously gives us the magic of smells, I am talking here about their wonderful way of bypassing the mind and taking us on an almost instantaneous journey into the fabulous world of olfactory memories . This journey can captivate, sometimes even shake up, but it will never leave you indifferent.



The other meaning that the verb inspire takes here is that of communication . Each time you inhale scents from the plant world, you establish a relationship with it. Because just as we humans have developed speech as a means of communicating, the plant world has chosen fragrant scents to come into contact with us and deliver its messages. So, “Inspire life” invites you to this communion with the plant kingdom, to welcome smells into your life and to let yourself be imbued with their powers of action on your well-being.


I sincerely hope that reading this text will have made you want to take the step and open yourself to this prodigious world of smells and dive into the discovery of its incredible benefits on your daily well-being.

If your answer is yes, follow me every week. I will explore the different facets of the magnificent world of smells and their benefits. Whether it’s the “Odorant Ticket” making you discover a flower or an aromatic herb, the “ Small lexicon of the odorous world” , offering you the opportunity to enrich your olfactory vocabulary or even the discovery of a book taking us on a journey through smells, all avenues will be explored.

In closing, take a moment here now and encounter your own scent. Press your nose to your forearm and breathe deeply. This is a simple and very quick way to calm yourself down and a little trick used since the dawn of time by perfumers to bring their noses back to neutral and make them ready to smell a new perfume again. Oops! First myth busted, smelling coffee beans does not clean your nose, it only masks your power of olfaction.

It is now time to leave us, but I give you this little homework in order to give meaning to my words. This week, as many times as you can or think about it, stop to smell the sheets on your bed when you wake up, your coffee before you drink it, the lead in your pencil, the book you are reading and develop your presence in the sublime world of smells. Inspire life!!

I wish you the most beautiful and intoxicating week...

See you next Sunday for the third article: The mysteries of your nose. I won't say more but you will love it!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

If this text resonated with you, share it and leave me a comment and I will be happy to read it!

See you soon!



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J’aime votre blog. Fascinant !!!

Celine gagnon

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