First of all, let me introduce myself: Sylvie-Anne Breton or the perfume lady for short. I am the one who has always had this crazy dream. This dream is carried by a visceral belief in the power of smells, in order to magnify our life and to accompany us towards a state of well-being on a daily basis. I'm bringing it out into the open now, because I believe we need it more than ever.

Although I have had this project within me for many years, the journey to get there was not linear. Self-taught and jack-of-all-trades, I have followed many training courses over the past 15 years, whether in naturopathy, herbalism, aromatherapy, to finish at the perfumery school in Grasse in the summer. 2019. All this beautiful background nourished my thinking and slowly led me on the path of aromachology, which explores the influence of perfumes and their smells on our psyche and their ability to improve our well-being.

This approach, both simple and unique, is reflected in each of my creations, since each of the T'odoré perfumes is thought out and designed with a single mission in mind, your well-being. Each essence is in fact selected in order to honor this mission. Because at T’odoré we wear perfume to feel good.

Now that the T'odoré approach has been explained to you, my greatest wish is that you experience it.