The mysteries of your nose

“The scent of secrecy fades with each nose that sniffs it. »

Robert Blondin, Canadian Writer

Having information and being able to name things allows us to have another look at our reality. This is exactly what I want to do here by revealing to you some very interesting information about how your nose works.

You are unique

Indeed, your sense of smell is unique to you. Truth be told, no two noses smell the same way. So, there is no right or wrong way to perceive an odor. I am very happy to share this information with you because many people seem to harbor the perception that their nose or sense of smell is not good. This is simply false.

Plus, it's nice to know that your scent is unique. It is as unique as your fingerprints. This is the case for all humans who live on this earth except for identical twins. Fascinating, isn't it?

Left - Left, right - right

This information was a revelation for me and allowed me to understand many ways of doing things in the world of perfumery (for example the oscillation of the mouillette under the nose). So, what does left – left and right – right mean? What your left nostril smells is analyzed by the left hemisphere of your brain and the analysis center of your right nostril is your right side of the brain.

So your left nostril interprets the smell. This is so because the left hemisphere of the brain is the epicenter of language. So, we are in the mechanism of putting into words or popularizing the smell. Hence the importance of developing our olfactory vocabulary. Additionally, the left nostril specializes in recognizing heat in an odor.

The right nostril, for its part, feels . This is so because the right hemisphere of the brain specializes in spatial and emotional matters. In terms of its power of recognition, the right nostril emphasizes the cold and spiciness of an odor such as menthol odors.

However, smells are strongly linked to memory and create emotional connections more directly than any of your other senses. Your sense of smell works in the opposite direction to your other senses. Your sight, hearing and touch will, firstly, identify the information received and subsequently react to it emotionally. With smell, you will have an emotion and, subsequently, you will try to identify it. Which gives full meaning to the expression: “being led by the end of your nose!” »

The highlights of your sense of smell

Your nose's ability to perceive odors increases as the day goes on. Although still active (day and night), your sense of smell is sharper in the afternoon and evening than in the morning. I think you already knew that.

What is also interesting to know is that your sense of smell is also much more effective in spring and summer, due to the humidity in the air. For the same reason, it is more sensitive after physical activity or after rain. So, it's not the smells that are stronger after rain, but your ability to smell.

Truly, for me, smell is one of our great senses but I believe that to be able to appreciate its benefits you absolutely must experience them. This is why, once again before leaving, I would like to give you a little exercise to better understand the information that I have just shared with you.

This week, one morning when you wake up, I invite you to experience smelling exclusively one nostril at a time. So, take a tissue and place 2 to 3 drops of pure vanilla extract on it. Breathe only through your right nostril and then through your left nostril. Note if you feel a difference. Do the same exercise with a hot tea or coffee and pay attention to how the increased humidity in your nasal cavities changes your olfactory perception. If you feel like it, do these exercises again at the end of the afternoon and become aware of the changes in your olfactory power. Here are so many simple ways to experiment for yourself but above all to discover your sense of smell.

I really hope that you enjoyed this text and that it opened you to the magic of your sense of smell.

Next week: the theme “Smelling to Feel – first part” will be discussed. All our attention will be focused on the act of feeling. Don't miss it!

Looking forward,


If this text appealed to you, or you would like to share your experience following this week's brief exercises, leave me a comment below and I will be happy to read it!

In addition, I invite you to spread the information and share it with your friends and loved ones.

See you soon


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