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Apricot – Aglaia is a daytime sweetness, which will always, without ever failing, calm you down but without ever weighing you down or even worse putting you to sleep. Its scent is filled with tenderness and compassion. It will never impose itself, but it will always accompany you towards this calm of body and mind which is so beneficial and reassuring. It represents both the best friend who is always available when you need and the mother who loves you unconditionally. You can let go and settle down by having it by your side.  

Apricot | Velvet of life.

Aglaia | Instills peace and calm.

OLFACTORY JOURNEY : The gentle scents of it are like a veil that oscillates with the breeze entering through the window on a beautiful sunny day. The smell of it will prompt you to trust and let go.Whether through its head, offering you a clever blend of honeyed tangerine and ripe apricot, through its heart of rice flower or through its base filled with incense and Amyris, your whole being will vibrate to the call of calm and peace that she carries within her. Make it an ally, and your daily life will be forever changed.

COMPOSITION : Apricot, Tangerine, Aglaia, Copaiba Balm, Amyris, Sacred Incense.

WHEN : At any time when your mind is racing, taking with it your peace of mind. Apricot - Aglaia is a powerful and effective ally, so use it without moderation.

HOW : Wear perfume in a triangle (above the left shoulder, above the head, and above the right shoulder). Once the odor halo has been created, take three deep breaths to fill the nostrils of your nose with the perfume and thus deliver the olfactory message to the nerve, then simply let the smell offer you its benefits.

WARNING: Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have allergies and/or asthma. Keep out of reach of children. Flammable product, keep away from flames and any heat source.

Take note that the power of smells, although very powerful, cannot replace medication or the good care of a therapist. T'odoré perfumes are supports, but are in no way intended to treat any conditions, whatever they may be. Scents are not medicines and should not be used as such.



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